Tuesday, February 26, 2013


When Surath Muthappan Sevasamithi  requested PACT, Payyanur to perform Kolkali at Surath, we took the challenge. Maithri, Theru  headed by Santhosh Kumar agreed to help us. As we were totally unaware of the venue where the function is being held, we requested the Organisers to arrange an open space for the performance.

So we, a team comprising of 27, set of from by the Okha Express which reaches Payyanur at an odd hour of 2.45 am. The train reached Surat at the same time next day so that two days sleep got disturbed. At the Station the organizers warmly received us and took us to the Prakathi Hall, Adajen, the venue of the festival.

Sri. Praful, an officer at KRIBHCO who was from Payyanur and a close friend of all was waiting and he took us to KRIBHCO Guest House as the accommodation at the venue of the festival was rather crowded with theyyam artists and others. The other friends of the Kolkali team decided to stay at the festival venue itself.

Surath is the second largest city of Gujarath and the festival is being conducted by the Malayalees of Surath belonging to Kannur and Kasaragod Districts . The main programme is a performance of Muthappan and they have invited us to present kolkali as an additional attraction of the function for the current year. 

The performance of kolkali impressed everyone. They were spell bound by the perfection of Charadukuthi kali. We were astonished to see a long queue of devotes waiting patiently to get a darsan of Muthappan until late night. There was a splendid sadya by a team led by Ullas from padichal 

We found several friends there who had been settled in Surath for long. What attracted us most was their devotion and love for their home land and its culture.
 watch charadu kuthi kali at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7wDrNEtTYc

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