Friday, October 14, 2011


This pooja holidays we decided to visit KOORG. We had occasions to visit Koorg earlier but this time we decided to take a circular journey –Iritty to Kushal Nagar via veerajpetta and siddapura and then to Madikkeri and back to Payyannur via Bagamandalam. The journey to Kushal Nagar was very tiresome as the roads proved very hostile. But once in Kushal nagar we were at home. Mr. Mani who is a baker there, a close acquaintance of Mr. Surendran has made all arrangements for our stay. Once settled we started off at 4 pm to Nisargadama a park which is some 3 km from Kushalnagar,. It is a beautiful picnic spot housing a deer park. 

The Kaveri winds through thick vegetation circling the park and one has to enter the park through a hanging bridge. A group of small children playing in the water reminds one of natural ways of entertainment in these days of paid water theme parks. There are some bamboo "machans" on trees, but the best part of it is the river is on the back-side. If you want to go for elephant ride at Nisarga Dhama, please remember to buy ride-tickets along with your entry-ticket before you get in. Being aholiday the park was crowded so we decided to move on

Our second destination was the monastery in Kushal nagar for which the town is famous for. Some 3500 Tibetan monks live here. Their Golden temple is indeed a replica of Tibetan temple architecture. A number of lamas could be seen encircling the temple complex. The inside of the temple with three huge sculptures one of Budha and two of his disciples is an owe inspiring sight. We sat for some time observing the monastery and understood that there is no one controlling the crowds . It appears that you are ina foreign territory once you are in the temple premises.

We had a sound sleep at the hostel after our meals thanks to Vijayan who has taken some pains to come all the way from Goa to join us.
Next morning with Peethambaran, I set out for a morning walk through the streets of Kushal Nagar. Like any other town of Karnataka the streets were deserted and the town was very lazily awakening to a busy day.
After breakfast we set off to Madikkery. Abbey falls is in the way. The climate was very fine. The beautiful falls is 8 km from Madikeri . Abbey means "falls" in Kannda. The falls are inside a coffee plantation. Abbey Falls is a breathtaking waterfall where the Kaveri river cascades down a rockface. There is a hanging bridge across the gorge which offers a good view of the falls. As we reached there in the morning some of the brave youths have started to take bath in the cascade. But a policeman who reached late blew his whistle and started to beat the boys mercilessly .After a series of accidents, taking baths in the falls has been forbidden.

We spent some time in abbey and started early on the insistence of Sasi. We reached Madikkeri amidst the dasami celebrations, at 11am. There were processions carrying huge idols of deities on the streets. There is nothing much to be seen in Madikkeri except Rajas Seat and the Fort.
Rajas seat is a picturesque valley view point which the Raja used to frequent for seeing the sunset. The fort is in ruins and houses many Govt. Offices.

We went to Talakavery in the afternoon. This indeed is a heaven. Thick Clouds descended from Brahmagiri, completely covering the pilgrims in a holy ablution. Many were taking the holy bath in the temple pond wading through the water and the bewilderment of a child carried by a couple having a dip in the cold kaveri was enchanting.


  1. Such a journey is good for cooling off

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